In this section, I mention some of my leading publications. The complete list is available in Portuguese.

(2023) All the President’s Lies: How Brazilian News Media Addressed False and Inaccurate Claims in Their Titles. Journalism Practice. DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2023.2174579.

(2022) Book Review: Journalism, Data and Technology in Latin America, by Ramón Salaverría and Mathias-Felipe de-Lima-Santos (Eds.) and The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards a Critical Data Practice, by Liliana Bounegru and Jonathan Gray (Eds.)

(2021) Disinformation in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic: topics, platforms, and actors. Revista Fronteiras – Estudos Midiáticos 23(2). DOI: 10.4013/fem.2021.232.02

(2020) Twitter as a news source in data journalism. Brazilian Journalism ResearchJournalism and Algorithms special issue. DOI: 10.25200/BJR.v16n3.2021.1277

(2020) Transparency as a key element of data journalism: perceptions of Brazilian professionals. Computational + Journalism Symposium 2020 at Northeastern University (Boston, USA).

(2019) Translation from English to Portuguese of the book chapter Digital News as forms of knowledge: a new chapter in the sociology of knowledge, authorized by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen. It will be published by InTexto Journal alongside 2020. Translated by Marília Gehrke, Marcia Benetti, and Anelise Dias.

(2018) The use of documentary news sources in data-driven journalism. MA dissertation, available in Portuguese.

(2018) Data-driven journalism and transparency in Brazil: collaboration for open data. Extended paper presented at the 2nd European Data and Computational Journalism Conference (Cardiff, Wales).

(2018) Transparency as a method for journalism. SBPJor Conference, available in Portuguese.

(2017) Philip Meyer, the outsider who created Precision Journalism. InTexto Journal. DOI:

(2017) The rescue of objectivity as a method applied to data-driven journalism. SBPJor Conference, available in Portuguese.